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Grab It! - Jacob ter Veldhuis (European premiere in 2013 and South-American premiere March 21st 2015)

Reflections on the Nature of Water - Jacob Druckman

Velocities - Joseph Schwantner

Khan Variations - Alejandro Viñao 

Fertility Rites - Christos Hatzis

Land - Takatsugu Muramatsu

1st Cello Suite - Johann Sebastian Bach

Libertango - Eric Sammut


Texas Hoedown - David Friedman

Schwarze Wolken - Edison Denisov

Loops II - Philippe Hurel

Vibra-Elufa - Karlheinz Stockhausen

Green Yellow Green Red - Nick Zammuto (European premiere played by Niek KleinJan on the 12th of April 2015 in Almere, Holland)

*New piece for prepared vibraphone* - Arend Gerds

*New piece for vibraphone and electronics* - Matthijs van Driel

Set Up

Rebonds (A&B) - Iannis Xenakis

Frum - Áskell Másson

Side by Side - Michio Kitazume

Thirteen drums - Maki Ishii

Begin - Arend Gerds* (World premiere in 2013)

Snare drum

Prim - Áskell Másson

Stop Speaking - Andy Akiho (European premiere on the 12th of April in Almere, Holland)

Dasselbe ist nicht dasselbe - N.A. Huber

Kim - Áskell Másson

Meditation nr. 1 - Casey Cangelosi

Asventuras - Alexej Gerassimez

Reflection - Tomás Montero*


?Corporel - Vinko Globokar

Temazcal - Javier Alvarez

Songs - Stuart Smith

Toucher - Vinko Globokar

X,Y Counterpulse - Edgar Guzmán* (World premiere on March the 10th 2015 in Queretaro, Mexico)

*New piece* - Wim Henderickx

*Pieces written for Niek KleinJan.

Chamber music pieces written for Niek KleinJan and others:

A collection of themes by Beethoven - Lionel Ziblat (Duo Wolfs/KleinJan)

Die Zauberflöte-Suite - W.A. Mozart (arr. Bram Kortekaas) (Duo Wolfs/KleinJan)

Utopia - Augusto Meijer (Duo Wolfs/KleinJan)

Feroce - Martijn Oostra (Duo Wolfs/KleinJan)

Eb (flow) - Chris den Dulk (Duo Wolfs/KleinJan)

Angle of Attack - Arnold Marinissen (Niek KleinJan & Konstantyn Napolov)

Duet for vibraphone & clarinet - Arend Gerds (Duo Wolfs/KleinJan)

3 Reflecties voor Orgel, Beiaard en Slagwerk - Cor Ardesch (Cor Ardesch, Boudewijn Zwart & Niek KleinJan)

Percussion Concertos:

Balance of Power - Bram Kortekaas*                                                                                                                                                                 (Commissioned by the Nederlands Studenten Kamerorkest                                                                                                                                                                                                               and especially written for Niek KleinJan)

Affirmation for Solo Percussion and Orchestra - Andrew Beall

Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra - Joseph Schwantner

The Tears of Nature - Tan Dun 

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel - James Macmillan

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